Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Time & The Living Is Easy featuring RoseGal

Don't you just love summer? This summer has been really crazy for me with all the transferring schools but I love it. I really want to make more time to post on my blog. So this week I am going to take it easy, sip my very berry hibiscus tea and blog. I went to San Diego this weekend! I haven't been there since I was about 10 and now I see why I never returned. It's a very cute place to go for the weekend but I wouldn't go any longer than that. But what I do want to do in San Diego one day is go to Comic Con. This year they had the cast of Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time! I could die! I am in love with both of those shows!

Back to the outfit that I am wearing since that's what this blog is all about (fashion)! I am wearing a RoseGal dress that I think is perfect for the summer. Not to mention the compliments I got on the dress. In my opinion I think it's the perfect summer dress with the touch of palm trees. It is definitely an artistic and unique dress graced with a dash of modernism and simplicity. The dress has a nice way of falling and complimenting the shape of the body. For some reason, I felt like Don Draper in this dress. I think it was the sunglasses and possible the fedora. I do wish though, that the dress had been a little longer. I am about 5'7'' and the dress was a little short. Other than that, I adored the chiffon material and the California palm trees and mosaic water design.

Current Read: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

Tallia Gennaoui